More to being a draughts person than meets the eye

What is Draughting
It all starts on the Drawing Board
February 5, 2015
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More to being a draughts person than meets the eye

draught person
The Academy believes that Draughting can not only be taught in the classroom environment nor through correspondence studies. It’s a skill development through continuance and controlled experience in a drawing office environment, under the care of an experienced professional.

Over the years the Academy has captured a great deal of experience and programmed it into a learning curve that reflects in the drawing office life. Many of the drawings and projects that the students/trainees handle are in fact real life projects taken from existing installations and the more advanced students are often paid for finished work even before completion of their course.

Wide Range:

The Academy offers a wide range of courses and modules to students. Courses include both practical draughting and computer aided draughting with the opportunity to advance further in both areas.