It all starts on the Drawing Board

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More to being a draughts person than meets the eye
February 5, 2015
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It all starts on the Drawing Board

What is Draughting
What is Draughting? All manmade objects begin with a dream, an idea – a concept.

Draughting transforms the dream into a working drawing from which the artisan will construct the final product.

Draughting is not merely a form of pretty pictures but rather the means to the strongest and most practical and precise method of Engineering communication worldwide.

Draughting, the graphic rendition of a concept, has been with us since the earliest times. The ability to clearly and accurately convey an idea is very important in Draughting as it will determine the various Tradesmen’s ability to produce the final product.

The Draughtsman is likely to work together with a number of people during the completion of a project:

  • Engineers: to transform their ideas and concepts into a working drawing,
  • Estimators: who deal with the costing of the project
  • Buyers: who deal with the purchasing of materials and components,
  • Quality controllers: who ensure that relevant standards and procedures are adhered to.